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2010年4月20日 (火)

Cheap shoes

Do you know that Which is hard to imagine a woman than NIKE MAX TN- to party known for Jimmy Choo high-heeled shoes boss - even more impossible to show his shoes. However, it is clear that today she is wearing will be held in May can not wait to come out of the Jimmy Choo high-top sneakers. Although the £ 395 asking price for this tn requin, but the waiting list have a long list. Late last month, Harvey Nichols department store launch side "of sports shoes wall", male and female models and recent re-declare them to return to cutting-edge fashion. Women's sports shoes there, the wall brings together Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other major brands and a variety of exclusive design and special co-operation models. The high-end sports shoes can clearly be classified into the fashion magazines this season to push the two hot trend: the revival of the 1990s-style - in particular, luxury nike tn, as well as in the heel and the Banpo heel shoes models such as the return of real . Last year, Christmas, cold winds in Paris, among the haunt in the fashionable shopping area Rue Saint-Honoré (particularly in the vicinity of Colette) feet mostly of young people dressed in all kinds of old-style sports shoes. In the middle star, This trend is also in full swing. Jude Law has a pair of colorful high-top Nike retro shoes, and always fashionable Rihanna loves purple also has a pair of Nike high-top shoes. Set in the popular musical "Happy Chorus," a collection of recent years, Mercedes Jones also sang on stage wearing such a pair of shoes. Petersson believes that sports shoes for the women to bring ballet shoes, does not have an avant-garde sense. "Vogue" magazine editor Emma Elwick have several pairs of high-top sneakers, including a pair of rainbow-colored Nike, she pointed out that "sports shoes has always been a street trend, but more and more people are being taken the Converse White canvas shoes security zone. " Converse may also like to make some breakthroughs. In April, the brand's classic Chuck Taylor shoes by Missoni look, wear the Z-pattern new look. That same month, Tommy Hilfiger will launch a series of co-operation with the Keith Haring Foundation, designed for sports shoes. The brand's public relations director of the UK region, said Fiona Collins, bold printing can add simple modeling fun matriculation students and that they be called contemporary popular curling pants perfect match. "In my view, the ratio is the key. Gao Gang sports shoes are fit and rolled-up pants edge jeans, denim wear Buku together - now I always roll up the legs." He said. Johnston then added that they shut up with the newly popular sport trousers are also distribution. In the High Street boutiques, spend about £ 10 will be able to catch up with this trend.


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