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2010年4月 2日 (金)

designer sunglasses

Gradually warmer weather, early spring holiday scheme must also be put on the agenda, go out play essential is to choose a beautiful sunglasses to fend off the strong sunlight while allowing your temperament doubled designer sunglasses. Today, we take a look at Oliver Pipas glasses (Oliver Peoples) of the 2010 spring new hope of vacation for their poster Girl sunglasses choose to provide more help oh. Mentioned Kailunwoke (Karen Walker), reported exodus of the faithful are reminded of the lovely girls and skull bones, Kailunwoke (Karen Walker) the design of each piece seems to tell young girls in the spirit of adventure, distributing a unique fairy-tale breath, it also has a little rebellious personality. Recently, Kailunwoke (Cheap shoes online) 2010 Spring-Summer Sunglasses advertising a large exposure, or the continuation of "Funny funny" line, in the spring of last year in order to display the sunglasses after the vampire's image, this role Bianshen to the sun god, reported that the Friends have to see if there are still cool enough to type, right? In the retro sweeping under the colored reflective mirror sunglasses become a new force. Oakley A series of four consecutive Fade Series Series Frogskins sunglasses, the first wave of a bright blue main-plated iridium mirror reflective films with coffee and the sky blue gradient Wholesale Polo Shirts. Valentine's Day is approaching, and everyone started to buy gifts for the other half began to worry. Most recently served as the classic Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra LMF Dalan Tang, 24Herbs herbal tea singer and Hong Kong's first book of this tattoo "pattern addiction," the author's Phat A fat, as well as from Hong Kong TVB artist transformation into a world-renowned female DJ's MI $ $ YELLOW can be help us solve this problem. The Phat and DJ MI $ $ YELLOW separately with groups of 12 Glamour eyewear brand launched their own glasses styles.


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