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2010年6月 4日 (金)

the cosplay custom

I like the animation Animation from Japan, Later into China.The children always love the cosplay. Japanese anime,which is Japanese Cosplay Sale and Japanese manga collectively. Basically, the Japanese anime animation effects as dazzling as the United States, but relying on the innovative and interesting story are very important in the global position, with the majority of the watching crowd. The history of Japanese cosplay: Japanese animation has 90 years of history, which can be divided into six stages. The first is pre-war grassroots period. Pre-war grassroots period - from 1917 to the Japanese animation began in 1945 until the defeat of Japan. The early stage of this period are mainly the world famous theme, the latter due to rampant militarism in Japan, so animated themes separated from publicity, the line boasts of Japanese militarism. Such as 1942's "Cosplay Costumes" shall be such a. But it also created a battle, an explosion of progress in art and technology, which is today the most proud of Japanese animation technology. The second is explore the post-war period. Explore the post-war period - from 1974 until the Japanese defeat. After Japan's defeat, some people view the lessons of the war, began with the animation on the anti-war theme. This far-reaching subject, until now quite popular. There is also some people try different animated themes. Therefore, the animation during this period of great significance to the very low-level subjects from the subject matter, everything. 1968 as "The Sun Prince Adventure" is a successful example of the high standard of animation became the basis of the 1970 "Invincible Iron King Kong" (also known as Mazinger Z) is the ancestor of super robot animation, the work in Europe area was a great success, the sequel to "UFO Robot gulian Tesa" made in Spain and France, very high ratings. Of course, there are also examples of failure.


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